Saturday, June 06

Online Associates can help!

We understand business: sales, marketing, advertising, GL, cash flow, expenses, receivables, purchasing, receiving, distribution, warehousing, outsourcing, payroll, staffing...........

Online Associates develops Web-based solutions that start with an understanding of your business and are designed to meet your requirements and to contribute to your success. Although we will never know as much as you do about how to run your business, we will quickly understand where your business can benefit most from the Internet and explain the opportunity to you! Our own experience in managing a range of businesses and business functions is what makes it possible for Online to deliver exceptional business solutions.

While a website can be many things, first and foremost, it is a marketing opportunity! Successful business websites start with a professional design and always include great content. It can be much more depending on your business and your budget. At a minimum it is a lead generator, a sales support tool and a customer service option.

Bob Milette, Partner:

A solutions specialist whose priority is helping companies achieve their business objectives with the assistance of the Internet and technology.

"If a project doesn't contribute to your bottom line by marketing your company, generating revenue opportunities, reducing expenses or solving operating problems, then why do it"!

Bob is an Information Technology professional with a background in the project planning and management of large computer and business change related projects in the retail, credit, mutual fund, financial services , land development, technology and services delivery fields.

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