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Online Associates brings a unique set of management skills to the task of defining and building a your Web solution. To be effective a business Website must be integrated or at least coordinated with your branding program, business plans and objectives.

To achieve this we use our Online Solutions process management system. By taking a systematic approach we ensure that decisions about a project are made consciously and the results are as expected. The process begins with strategic & business planning and achieves practical solutions that can accommodate and support you now and in the future.

During our initial consultation, we will ask about what you would like to achieve in the business and generally suggest ways in which the Internet might support those efforts.

The final report will describe what an Internet solution can do for your business and describe precisely how to achieve these beneficial results. This report can then form the basis of any Website design solution. If Online Associates is selected to provide the Website design then any investment made in the assessment report will be credited to the design charges.


Our emphasis is on delivering good value to our clients. That means finding the most efficient way to build the best Website once the business solution has been determined.

Although each Website implementation is unique, there are certain functional modules like database management, site administration and e-commerce that are common to most solutions. By using proven software where possible, we are able to avoid the costly process of designing and developing every component from scratch each time. Our primary development partner in this regard is Inline Internet Systems Inc. of Mississauga who developed the Inline Merchant family of products now operating in over 10,000 e-commerce stores and other interactive, database driven Website solutions.


Today, most companies have already implemented at least one Internet solution. Usually, there are elements of that investment, particularly content, that can be re-used in a new site. Occasionally, the original site was effective and simply needs to be updated. We pride ourselves on our ability to work with you to re-engineer your site when appropriate.


Ensure your site is Open for business 7-24!

Publishing your Website allows access to anyone searching on the Internet. We use two independent carriers to provide separate access networks so that if one has a problem, the other will continue to provide access to sites on our facility. This together with regular site backup to tape for all hosted sites and the availability of individual site usage statistics to help understand how your site is being used means that we provide an exceptional Website hosting venue that will ensure effective operation of your site.


The first rule in benefiting from your website is to make sure prospective customers/clients know that you have one! Amazing as it may seem, some companies will spend thousands of dollars on a new website but donít add the address to their business cards, invoices and marketing materials. If you have vehicles, put your website URL on the side. It is even more important than the phone number! We will help you to promote your website.

If people always knew the Website addresses for sites with the information they needed, we wouldnít need search engines! The reality is they donít know where to find what they want most of the time. So when someone enters a phrase into their search engine of choice that describes the products or services your offer and hits GO, you want your website address to appear as close to the top of the list of search results as possible. SEO is the way to achieve that. The best results are achieved when your Search Engine strategy is determined at the time the site is being designed. This allows for page designs that will help you to score high on the results list. We offer a range of solutions from design only, to pay-for-registration or even pay-per-traffic count.

We provide practical and affordable SEO solutions that work.


As mentioned above, our graphics design team can provide the full range of specialized visual designs. One option that some of our clients select is to have a new logo/corporate identity created at the same time as the new Website. This is an excellent cost saving strategy and ensures a consistent and appropriate look and feel across all your business materials.


Although we will continue to work with our clients long after the initial design process and are available to answer questions whenever they arise even after your new site is launched and providing good service, it often makes sense to have ongoing professional site management to ensure the site stays fresh and up-to-date. We offer a number of packages tailored to the client. This may included all site updates, search engine resubmissions, specialized site usage reports and more.


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